BIOBEE microelectronics is a microelectronics and semiconductor engineering company that has patented a unique chip that obtains, from the electrical footprint, critical parameters of organic tissues immediately and non-destructively anywhere in the production process. The technology is called Miniaturized Impedance Spectroscopy.


Thanks to the largest miniaturized frequency range on the market, with a single chip the rapid development of new applications in the sector is possible.


These parameters could only be measured in the laboratory, statistically and destructively. Salt content, water activity, percentage of fat or microorganisms among others.


A case of success is the application of BioQ Food Quality for Iberian ham. This spin-off of BIOBEE manufactures light equipment to measure salt, covering fat and water activity in the curing process of ham in an immediate and non-destructive way.

A radical advance to face the present and future challenges of the sector.

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