Portable devices for non-destructive control of food production critical parameters



Immediate determination of salt, fat and water activity content by miniaturized bioimpedance spectroscopy. Process monitoring solutions to guarantee food safety and quality. A new laboratory at your fingertips

What does our technology solve?

​Non-destructive monitoring of the fat, salt and water activity content of parts

Suitable for fresh and cured pieces

Quick tests with immediate availability of results

Easy incorporation into production lines in industrial plants

Database integration

Easy to use by non-specialized operators


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BioQ News Highlights

Best Practical Solution for the agri-food sector to BioQ Food Quality Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit.


October 4, 2021

Best Practical Solution Award for the agri-food sector to BioQ Food Quality.

Europe Smart Agrifood Summit grants this recognition during the recent edition to the BioQ Food Quality solution from BIOBEE microelectronics.


bioq non-destructive control of food

GRUPO VALL COMPANYS also uses BioQ Food Quality technology in La Bañeza.


April 30, 2021

GRUPO VALL COMPANYS also uses BioQ Food Quality technology to control Iberian production at its plant in La Bañeza, León.

GRUPO VALL COMPANYS is a leading food group in Spain, founded in 1956.

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BioQ solución automatizada

Robotic solution for the 100% process monitoring of food production critical parameters.

June 16, 2021

Thanks to Iberchain project, BioQ Food Quality obtained an automated solution. Now BioQ Technology is enable to verify in line 100% production several critical parameters at any stage of the curing process. This new solution is based on the proprietary BIOBEE  microelectronics technology, miniaturized bioimpedance spectroscopy.

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